your compassion companion

Kindful is a revolutionary app that empowers individuals to effortlessly engage in acts of kindness by connecting them with nearby opportunities, inspiring a ripple effect of positivity in their communities.

Rewarding acts of kindness.

Turn acts of kindness into delightful adventures. Join a community bursting with positivity and earn exciting rewards for spreading happiness. Embrace the contagious joy of making a difference as you unlock a world of smiles, uplift spirits, and create a brighter future together.

Always time for kindness.

Our app seamlessly integrates with Apple Watch, allowing users to conveniently access and engage with acts of kindness directly from their wrists. With helpful notifications, users can effortlessly stay connected to acts of compassion and track their positive impact on the go.


Complete acts of kindness on behalf of other users, creating a chain of positive actions that uplifts the entire community.

Seamlessly request assistance from neighbors, fostering a strong sense of community and support in times of need.

Use your smartwatch to track your kind acts and redeem for your own requests for care or badges and rewards.

Ready to lead a kinder life?

Download our app on Google Play or the App Store to join the Kindful community today.